The Baitul Ma'Moor Foundation (Fondation Baitul Ma'Moor), formerly Din-e-Elahi Foundation, was established in late 2003 as an unincorporated association. On July 29th 2008, the fondation was incorporated under the Quebec Companies Act (Loi sur les compagnies, Parties III).


The aims and purpose of the organization has always been to establish, maintain and support a house of worship - a Mosque - for religious services such as five time congregational prayers.


During the year 2010, the Baitul Ma'Moor Foundation was finally able to purchase a triplex. Extensive renovations were done and in October 2010, the mosque permantely moved from it previous rented location to its location on 2833 Ontario East.The ground floor and the basement are used for the mosque purposes while the upper two floors are apartments.


The governing structure of the Baitul Ma'Moor is its voting members and the board of directors or Trustees.

The Baitul Ma'Moor Foundation is presently administrated by its Eight (8) Directors/Trustees:

1. Ahmed Mohamed Ali (Founding member)
2. Idris Mohamed (Founding member)
3. Kashem Abdul (Founding member)
4. Nur Nabi (Founding member)
5. Saifullah Rahman (Founding member)
6. Siddique Katiya
7. Mahfuzur Ullah
8. Ashraful Huque

Financial statements and legal documents

The financial statements and legal documents are available upon request to the general public. Such request must be addressed to Baitul Ma'Moor's community leaders only, and the request should be provided with name, address, phone number and email.


*Administrative and printing fees may be charged.